Unexpected by Caliadragon

Unexpected - CaliaDragon


Note: This is set in a world where Guides and Sentinels are common knowledge. I may expand on this in the future.


A young man sat crouched at the edge of a building, looking down at the gathered people below. The man, little more than a boy, was athletic and limber enough to get to the next building and inside before the group below could capture him and force him into something he did not want.

Actually, saying that he did not want what they represented wasn’t completely correct, he did want what the people below wanted, he just didn’t want it with them. Blair Sandburg was a Guide, a powerful one, as well as being a shaman and he wanted to find a mate, but he wanted none of the people below. Blair had his heart and his mind set on finding someone who would cherish and love him, someone who would respect Blair enough to woo him, not lay in wait for him on a bonding day to try and capture him as the ones below were.

Blair sighed and straightened; spinning on his heel, he ran forward and leapt onto his building. Pulling out his keys, he used the one for the roof to get into his loft. Walking down the stairs into his home, he smiled in relief and enjoyment at the tranquil feeling of the space. He walked to the window over looking the street and looked below at the gathered people. He was about to shake his head and turn, but at the sight of three of the men below he froze. Blair knew that one of them was a sentinel, but the other two were not. Frowning slightly as the sentinel glared at the others, with a look of disgust on his face. Blair walked to the side, unlocked his balcony doors, and stepped out to look at the group. As one the sentinels all turned to look at him, he laughed in amusement at the shocked looks on their faces that would teach them to try to trick him into bonding.

“Chief, you mind if we come up? We have more questions about the attack on your mentor.” The big sentinel called up after he had shaken his head in disbelief at seeing the guide in his home. He, like his friends had been sure that they would have to rescue the young guide when he came home.

“Sure, I’ll buzz you in.” Blair said trustingly. He believed the sentinel and didn’t think he would use the situation to trick him into bonding.

Blair stepped back inside, closed the doors, and then walked to the box on his wall to release the lock that would allow the three police officers into his building. He then opened the door so that the three men could come in. Blair knew that it was probably naiveté and dangerous to do so, but he trusted the men to do the right thing and to protect him from the other sentinels. His trust was confirmed when the three came to the door, alone. “Mr. Sandburg?” The oldest of the three asked as they came into the loft.

“In the kitchen,” he called a smile in his voice. As one, the three men made their way to the kitchen where the trio was greeted with the sight of Blair pulling out spices. He smiled in greeting to the three men and they were struck once again by the innocence in his eyes and the trust with which he greeted them.

“Hi, would you like some coffee?” Blair asked the men.

“If it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” Joel Taggart said kindly, pleased that the young guide wasn’t wary or combative towards his friend Jim. Jim had enough of that in his life without taking it from a witness that just happened to be a guide.

“Cream or sugar?” Blair asked looking back up at them kindly.

“Both if you wouldn’t mind,” Rafe answered for his friends, Blair gave them a sweet smile and turned pulling out the offered items and placing them on a tray. Seconds later he led the men back into the living room and began to serve them the coffee and cookies.

Once they were settled, Blair leaned back in his chair and kicked off his shoes, putting his feet up beside him. “What questions did you have?” he asked them comfortable and curious.

“We just needed to see if you had remembered anything else, anything at all, about the attack Friday.” Jim said enjoying the coffee and the contentment of being in the guides company.

“I’m not sure I can tell you anymore than you already know. I’ve been trying to think of what could have happened to cause Brad to attack the Professor. Eli is one of the nicest and sweetest people you would meet. Brad has always been a problem; he threatened several students and faculty when he I caught him cheating last year. He raped two students, but no one reported it to the authorities, until this last time. It could be that since she was a student of Eli’s that he talked her into reporting the spineless bastard. Brad has always been unpredictable. If I weren’t a Guide I probably would have lost my job at the U when I banned him from my classes for cheating.” Blair told them seriously, his face had hardened and his eyes held anger and disgust.

“So he has a history of violence?” Rafe asked.

“Yes, he really does. I can give you a list of students and faculty that I know would talk to you. There are others, but I don’t believe that they would talk to you, they are just too afraid.” Blair told them honestly.

“That would be really helpful.” Joel said with a gentle smile.

Blair gave them a sheepish smile and reached behind his chair to grab his bag, Rafe grabbed Jim’s hands when the man reached out to grab the cute ass the professor was showing them. Jim blushed at his reaction and sat up straighter, he hadn’t meant to grab at the man.

When Blair turned around, he smiled at Jim, “Thanks for not grabbing my ass.” Jim’s blush deepened and Blair gave him a wicked grin. Blair’s smile widened when Jim looked down shyly. “Would you go on a date with me when your case is over?”

Jim looked up in surprise, while Joel and Rafe shared a look of amused disbelief. “Okay,” he agreed. Blair smiled again and handed the older man the list he had made. “Thanks,” Jim said shakily. Blair looked at him and his face softened, Jim Ellison’s vulnerability called out to Blair, and in that moment he decided that, the beautiful man would be his.

“Jim, may I call you Jim?” Blair asked softly. Jim nodded shyly.

“Jim, I would like to declare myself as your suitor. I wish to be your Guide, if you will allow it.” Blair said gently, respectfully.

The three men were shocked, this had never happened to Jim before. His last Guide had rejected him and the one before that had tried to use Jim for his family connections. Jim swallowed and let his past pains show in his eyes. “What do you want from me?” he asked wary.

“Your love and for you to allow me to love you, to honor you, to aide you, to give you passion beyond any you have ever known.” Blair looked at the haunted man he felt his heart call to and knew he would slay dragons if that were what it took to protect Jim.

“I’ve been rejected by two Guides,” Jim whispered shamefully.

“Then they were stupid and I bless the Goddess that they were blind to the beauty of your soul and heart.” Blair said honestly, his eyes warm and caring.

Jim took a shuddering breath at the warmth and caring, “My family is crazy.” He warned thinking of his younger brother and his eccentric father.

Blair grinned impishly, “You haven’t seen crazy ‘til you’ve met my Mom. Naomi is a hippie child still living the lifestyle. She’s opinionated and wacky.” Blair said this with deep affection and Jim was surprised into a laugh. Blair grinned at him again and set back.

Rafe shared a look with Joel, “Why don’t you stay and talk to Dr. Sandburg while Joel and I talk to the people on the list. Simon will understand, you know he’s wanted you to find a mate.” Rafe said gently for his friend. Jim was a great guy, but a complex one. For all of his strengths the man was really shy and unsure of himself. Rafe had known Jim his whole life and this was the first time that Rafe could bring himself to like the Guide interested in his friend.

Joel nodded his agreement, while Blair gave them a blinding smile. “Okay,” Jim said softly. The two men stood, shook hands with Blair, patted Jim on the shoulder, and left the two men alone.

“What do you think?” Rafe asked Joel.

“I think the next time we see Jim he’ll be bonded.” Joel said with a happy grin. Rafe laughed happily and the pair continued on their way.

Once they were alone Blair and Jim sat staring at one another, “Have you eaten?” Blair asked softly suddenly shy.

“Not yet,” Jim said just as softly.

“Why don’t I make us dinner?” Blair asked with a soft smile.

“Can I help, I…” Jim’s voice trailed off. Blair nodded and moved until he and Jim were only a few inches apart.

“I understand may I kiss you?” Blair asked in a near whisper. This was so unexpected. This morning he had awoken wondering if he would spend the rest of his life alone, and now here sat the other half of his soul. Jim couldn’t speak so he nodded.

The first brush of their lips was gentle, but it caused them both to gasp. Jim pulled Blair into his arms so that the smaller man was straddling his lap. The next few minutes the pair spent exchanging gentle kisses and learning each other’s taste. When they had to pause for breath Blair rested his forehead against Jim’s and smiled. “Thank the Goddess for you Jim Ellison. I thought I would be alone forever and then there you were.” Blair’s voice held such awe and reverence that Jim shivered with emotion. Blair kissed him again, “No one will ever take you from me. I am yours and you are mine, always.”

“Always,” Jim whispered in agreement, both men moaned softly as the bond flared and tied them together. For Jim it was a revelation, neither of his other joining had been so gentle and so sweet. Jim knew that they had decisions left to make and family to meet, but in his heart and in his soul, he knew that Blair would never throw him away. In Blair Jim found someone who would always put him first.

For Blair it was an affirmation of love and home. Many might think that they had mated quickly, but for Blair it was right, Jim was what he had always needed. In Jim Ellison Blair had found the home he was always looking for.

The End

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Acknowledgments: Beta: Queen Sereya, any remaining mistakes are mine and mine alone. Thank you to Patt for the cover art.