Wow, we are so blessed with this ezine. There are more stories than we expected and they are all awesome. Wait until you read all of them. And do read all of them. And if you have a spare moment, please send feedback, because the writerís work so darn hard and itís for no pay. The only thing they crave is feedback. We can all afford a little time for a bit of feedback, donít you agree?

I want to thank Lisa for getting this ezine together once again and putting up with all of my mistakes. (Iím sure there are going to be lots of them) Youíre the best friend I could ever ask for. Iím thrilled that weíre still doing this.

Thank you to all of the artists that lent their art for this ezine. There are a ton of new people and if anyone is interested in how to get hold of an artist let me know and Iíll send you the links or an address.

Thank you so much to all 23 writers for this Moonridge Ezine. Without all of you, we would be nowhere. I hope that you all receive the recognition you deserve.

Thank you to all betas. The writerís would be nowhere without your words of wisdom to guide them.

Thank you to anyone that reads these notes. (I couldnít resist)

Be well and be happy,



I can honestly say that I have the easiest job with this ezine. The wonderful writers put in a lot of time and effort to bring a story to life. I know from past experience that part of their heart goes into every word they write. The fabulous artists spend countless hours working on their art to make it just perfect. The betas take the time to go over a story line by line to make the story as clear and readable as possible.

Patt deals with the stories when they come in; sending them to a beta if that's what is needed or shaping them up to go into the files. She hands out orders for art or goes out and finds what she likes and bugs the artist (grin) until they agree to give it to her. She holds my hand through the HTML process and putting the ezine together.

I sit back, story ideas floating through my head that will never find paper and wait for the go ahead that all the stories are in the files and ready to go. Most people will shake their heads when I say that I do the HTML by hand... no program, no short cuts, just line by line coding. It's the way I was taught, it's what I know and by doing it that way, I ensure for myself (I'm a bit anal!) that it's done right.

I do have the easiest job but I also have the biggest perks. I get to read all the stories before anybody else. I get to see the art early on. I get to see the two combine and create a beautiful merger. It's a wonderful job and I thank every person involved with this and all previous and any future ezines for that privilege.

Lisa, Duncan's Twin

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