Dinner and ? by Kerensa

Dinner and ? - Kerensa


Notes: For Patt, who so generously asked for it on the Moonridge Auction.


Jim stood at the balcony window and watched as Blair loaded Larry, the Barbary Ape, complete with cage and fragrant droppings, into the back of his Corvair. After the little primate had decimated the loft for the second time in a couple of days, Ellison had put his foot down and insisted that Larry go.

Blair hadn’t protested very much. ‘Not that he had a choice,’ Jim’s mind whispered. He had gathered Larry and all of his accoutrements to take him back to the university lab where Blair had originally gotten him. Of course, that left Ellison with the unlovely task of cleaning up the mess that the ape had left behind.

Ellison turned around and glared at the once religiously clean loft and fumed. Torn papers were strewn all over the couch and coffee table. Toilet paper, at least two rolls by the looks of it, was hanging from metal bars that comprised Jim’s headboard. The white tissue was wound so tightly around the railing that the detective decided that it would be easier to cut it off, rather than trying to unwind it. At least the spilled spices in the kitchen covered up the scent of animal scat.

The Sentinel sniffed the air delicately. “Well, at least they would, if I weren’t a Sentinel,” he grumbled.

Jim stomped over to the utility closet and started laying out supplies. In short order, he had used the broom, dust pan, Lysol, Spic –n- Span, Pine Sol and Comet and had the kitchen cleaned up.

Seeing that he had the rest of the loft still to go, the fuming Sentinel vowed, “I’m going to make Sandburg pay for this.”


Blair opened the door slowly and peeked in. The anthropologist was surprised not to see his few belongings sitting on the living room floor. Truth be told, he had halfway expected to see them outside the loft’s front door, along with a note that read ‘See ya, sucker’ stuck in the side of the cardboard with a knife.

It was quiet though, too quiet, considering how pissed off Ellison had been. Quiet and clean, Blair noticed to his dismay. Sandburg had planned on coming back and cleaning up Larry’s mess. He had wanted to show the Sentinel that he was a responsible person. Events this last week, like having to beg for a place to stay, had most likely convinced the detective otherwise.

“Jim?” he finally asked the silence of the loft. There was no answer to his inquiry.

Blair looked in each room, just in case the big guy had zoned or something, but no one else was there. He even risked the forbidden territory and stood at the top of the stairs and gazed into Jim’s bedroom.

Sitting down in one of the dinning room table’s chairs, Blair contemplated his next move. Ellison had been really good about letting him stay and had even been pretty cool the first time Larry had trashed the loft. Sitting outside Lela LaCoix’s home he had even seemed slightly amused that Larry was back at the loft again. But when they’d walked in the door and Ellison had seen the damage and mess that Tornado Larry had brought, Blair had been afraid for the little primate’s safety for a moment. The look on the Sentinel’s face made Blair wince, even several hours later.

Blair had fled, taking Larry back to the lab. He had a copy of Larry’s permits in his jacket pocket. Naturally, Blair had obtained the official documents when he’d brought the Barbary Ape to the warehouse to stay, but when that building had blown up, they’d been destroyed. It had taken a few days to receive the duplicates from the city.

The sound of a key turning in the door had Blair standing up nervously. He felt his stomach clench, both in nervousness and hunger. They hadn’t stayed to eat at Mrs. LaCoix’s because of Larry’s return, so it had been several hours since Sandburg had eaten anything. Blair knew that part of it was worry though; he didn’t want to lose Jim and his budding friendship over this.

Ellison knew that Blair was in the loft, even before he opened the door. He had seen the younger man’s Corvair in the parking lot and, most importantly, he heard Blair’s heartbeat in the living room.

Not that he’d let Blair know about that little tidbit. No, there was no telling what sort of tests the anthropologist would come up with if he knew Jim could actually hear his heartbeat. For now, the Sentinel kept the information to himself and let the soft lub-dubbing soothe him.

Jim frowned. Only now it wasn’t at all soothing, because Blair’s heart was pounding out a fast, loud beat.

He flung the door open, making Blair jump and start; his heartbeat almost doubled in time. Ellison hurried into the room. He cast his fledgling senses around the rooms, looking of whatever had Blair so on edge. Sensing no one else, he turned back to question the grad student and found that Blair was staring at him with wide, panicked eyes.

‘It’s me he’s afraid of,’ the Sentinel realized.

Ellison frowned at that thought. He didn't like the idea

"I'm sorry," Blair burst out nervously, unable to stand the tension anymore. “I didn’t mean for you to clean up this mess, I was going to do it when I got back.” He bit his lip nervously and Jim found his attention riveted to those white teeth and that piece of red skin between them.

“It’s alright, Chief.” And Jim realized it was. “It’s not your fault that the monkey flipped out.”

“Ape,” Blair corrected automatically. He ran a hand through his hair, mussing it up in the process, and released the breath he’d been holding.

Again, Ellison’s eyes focused on Blair. A small section of curls was standing up from where Blair’s hand had left it and the Sentinel wanted to smooth it down. He had a sudden urge to run his hands over those locks, just to see if they were as soft as they looked to be.

“You’re not mad any more?” Blair asked for clarification.

Ellison understood. He had sort of been a little upset earlier. Possibly more angry than upset…okay, so he’d blown a fuse, but he had calmed down.

“No, I’m not. In fact,” Jim smiled at Blair, “how about I fix us something to eat? We never did get any supper.”

"True, true. Sounds good to me, man." Blair patted Jim on the arm, and then pulled his hand back quickly, remembering the Sentinel's reaction when people got too close.

Jim took a deliberate step closer and wrapped an arm around Blair's shoulder. He wanted to show the younger man that he not only didn't mind being touched by Blair, but he encouraged it. The Sentinel gave Sandburg's shoulder a friendly squeeze, relishing the brief touch of Blair's body all along his side.

"I'll get started then," Jim said. He made sure to rub his hand across Blair's back as he let go.


Blair was confused. Jim had been friendly before, but not this friendly. The younger man was confused by the conflicting signals that he was receiving from the Sentinel. One minute, the detective was about to blow his stack, and now he was acting as if he wanted to blow Blair.

The grad student leaned one hip against the back of the couch and watched Jim walk into the kitchen to prepare something for them to eat. Blair had to admit that the view was top-notch. Jim was nicely muscled, from top to bottom; especially the bottom part. He grinned slightly and ducked his head in embarrassment. He couldn't believe that he was having those kinds of feelings for his very straight friend.

At least, I think he's straight, Blair thought to himself. He watched as Jim bent over to get a pot out of one of the lower cabinets. He groaned when Jim's jeans tightened, accentuating the firm butt. I hope he's not too straight.


Ellison grinned when he heard Blair groan. He'd hoped that bending over like that would get his attention. Now all Jim had to do was figure out what to do with the pot that he'd used as an excuse to bend over for. In fact, he needed to think up something to cook...fast!

He was mentally scratching his head when he heard Blair walking slowly into the kitchen. Jim stilled, hoping that Blair would continue to move closer. The Sentinel felt the air around him being disturbed as Blair got nearer. He held his breath until he knew that the younger man was standing right behind him. Setting the aforementioned pot down on the counter, he turned around.

"Jim, I..."

Blair looked uncertain of his welcome and that was the last thing that Jim wanted. He reached out and captured Blair's gesturing hands, holding them in his own. Blair's head was tilted back, looking up into Jim's face hopefully.

The Sentinel knew that the last step was up to him, because Blair was too nervous to go any further. Although Jim found it hard opening up to anyone, as Carolyn could testify to, Jim knew he needed to do this. This time it was more important to put himself out there.

Jim leaned down. He stopped when his and Blair's lips were just this side of touching. Blair's eyes were a wide, bright, glittery blue and his breath was coming out in shallow puffs. When the younger man closed his eyes, tacitly giving permission, Jim finally closed that fraction of an inch.

There was nothing tentative in Blair's response to the kiss. Once he was sure of his welcome, the anthropologist dove in, like he did with everything in his life, with complete enthusiasm. His tongue and Jim's twined around one another, mating together into the perfect love knot.

Blair's arms followed suit and wrapped themselves around Jim's body. Not to be outdone, Jim emulated him.

They fell back against the cabinet. Jim didn't even flinch when his lower back slammed into the edge of the counter. All he felt was the heat spreading out from Blair to him and back again; electricity had nothing on them.

Jim broke away from Blair's tempting mouth and kissed his way up and across Blair's forehead. He wanted to taste as much of Blair as he possibly could. The younger man tilted his head back and enjoyed the sensual kisses, as he panted, trying to get his breath back. Blair's hands slipped up and down the other man's back, wanting to touch anywhere and everywhere at once. His hips arched forward automatically and although the friction against Jim's thigh felt good on the erection straining his jeans, Blair wanted more.


"Upstairs," Ellison agreed.

Blair nodded and began walking backwards, not letting go of one inch of Jim Ellison's body. The observer naturally couldn't see where he was going, but he trusted Jim's senses to keep them from knocking into anything, even though the Sentinel's sinful lips were still worshipping Blair's face.

That's how it felt, like he was being worshipped and Blair relished the feeling. The younger man was used to lovers who expected him to do all the giving and not getting much back in return, especially emotion-wise.

His heels bumped against the bottom step and he began to lead them up the stairs, still going backwards. Jim was concentrating on Blair's ears by this time. The grad student heard whimpering and realized it was coming from his own mouth. Blair didn't care; this was too wonderful to worry about.

Before Blair knew what was happening, the edge of the bed was nudging the back of his legs. They broke apart long enough to shed clothes, but even then they couldn't stop touching one another.

Blair was busy trying to undo the button on Jim's sinfully tight jeans, while Ellison was concentrating on peeling Blair's shirts off. The Sentinel groaned, both at Blair's questing hands and his own inability to get the man he loved naked.

"Criminey, Chief," he groused.

Blair gave a self depreciating laugh. "It's cold out, man."

Ellison didn't answer. He'd finally gotten to skin and was too busy staring at his almost-lover's body. Swirls of dark hair covered Blair's chest and tapered off to a narrow trail, which led into his jeans. Ellison's own chest was like his head, virtually hair free, but Jim liked the contrast.

Jim gently pushed Blair back on to the bed. That suited Blair just fine, because then Jim's arousal was at eye level for the smaller man. He wasn't given long enough to look his fill though, because the detective was too impatient. Jim laid down on Blair, his hands roaming over his chest.

Blair gasped and hitched his hips when Jim found his nipple ring and tugged on it with his teeth. His hands slid down Jim's back and over the backside that he'd been so tempted by earlier. It was just as enticing as he'd known it would be.

"Jim, please," Blair begged.

The Sentinel stopped his explorations long enough to pull himself to his knees and quickly divest Blair of the jeans constricting his own erection. Blair closed his eyes for a second and let out a breath at the relief he felt. When he opened his eyes, his breath hitched in his chest at the look on Jim’s face.

“Beautiful, Blair, just beautiful.”

Blair felt himself blushing at the open admiration in Jim’s eyes and voice. The younger man was used to people appreciating his sexual prowess, but this open admiration was new and wonderful. He let his gaze wander down Jim’s taut body.

“You are amazing, Jim,” Blair said softly.

Jim lay back down beside Blair. Their kisses were less frantic this time, as if they knew it wasn’t going to be a one time only situation.

“Have you ever done this before, Chief?” Jim asked, one hand trailing down the side of Blair’s hip to cup a round cheek.

“Yes, I have,” Blair admitted. “What about you?”

“Um huh.” Jim’s hand was doing amazing things to Blair’s already straining erection. “So?” The Sentinel ran one finger across Blair’s opening, seeking permission.

Blair’s eyelids fluttered in response to the shockwave that touch sent up his spine. “Okay,” He agreed. Blair smiled over at Jim wickedly. “This time.”

Ellison nodded. “Sounds good to me. I can’t wait to have this,” he took hold of Blair’s dick and gave it a gentle squeeze, “inside me.”

Jim rolled Blair over onto his back and reached into the bedside stand for a bottle of Glide. Blair watched his every move.

“I get lonely sometimes,” Jim said, explaining the lubricant.

“Me too.” Blair nodded. “Go slow, okay, it’s been a while.”

Jim nodded. He looked solemn, but inside he was secretly glad that Blair hadn’t been with any men in long enough for it to be an issue.

“I’ll be careful.”

True to his word, Jim was very careful. He used lots of lube and took his time stretching the younger man. Blair’s opening was so tight that Jim briefly wondered how much Blair had ever done, but now wasn’t the time to ask. Since Blair seemed alright with events so far, the Sentinel didn’t want to spoil the mood by questioning his lover.

Blair’s body soon gave way to Jim’s. Both men were overwhelmed by the sensations. For Jim, it was almost too good, threatening to send him into a zone out. He caught himself in time, though, and focused more on the moans coming from Blair’s throat and the touch of his hands on Jim’s arm than the pleasure pulsing through his body.

The anthropologist was in heaven. He hoped it would last forever and yet knew it wouldn’t. Both he and Jim were making desperate noises as Ellison pounded into him. Blair knew that he’d be sore tomorrow, but right now he didn’t care.

“Blair!” Ellison cried out his completion. Blair followed him moments later.


Blair rolled his head on the pillow and looked at the man lying next to him. Ellison was just as hot sound asleep as he was when they were having sex.

I hope this was a beginning, Blair thought to himself. He looked back up at the ceiling.

He was afraid to hope, though. There had been plenty of times that the grad student thought a guy or woman cared for him, only to find out that they just wanted a quick fuck. Despite his reputation, Blair wasn’t that easy. Yes, he went out on a lot of dates, although not as many as the Sentinel thought he did, but a date didn’t equal sex, at least not in his book.

“Having second thoughts?”

Sandburg jumped at the softly asked question. Blair looked over at Jim and saw that his eyes were open.

“No.” He swallowed hard before asking the question. “What about you?”

“Not at all, Chief.”


Blair gave him what he hoped was a confident smile. He guessed that it wasn’t so confident when Jim rolled up onto one elbow and raised an eyebrow at him.

“So, what now?” Blair licked his lips.

Jim’s free hand was underneath the covers; Blair could feel it moving up his thigh.

“Now, we continue on with what we were doing earlier.” Jim gave Blair a searching look. “Tomorrow, we’ll move you to a bigger bed.” He glanced down at the larger bed they were lying on.

Blair felt something tight loosen in his chest. To think that just a few hours earlier, he’d been worried that he was out on the street.

“And then after that, I’ll keep my other promise.” His hand wandered to the center of the Sentinel’s behind.

“I can’t wait, Chief.”

The End.

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Acknowledgments: Betaed by Bobbie. Thank you to Nicci for the fantastic cover art.