Moon and Stars by MereridKat

Moon and Stars - Mereridkat


First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
And felt your heart beat close to mine
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command.

And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time my love
It would last till the end of time my love

The first time ever I saw your face, your face, your face, your face….


"I know it's corny." Blair said when Jim walked into the loft. "But I just feel this way tonight, okay? I just-." He shrugged and sighed.

Jim tossed his keys into the basket, shrugged his jacket off and hung it up. He turned, and locked the door. Blair hadn't said anymore, but was just watching him. Jim watched Blair watching him, and just kind of took Blair in, relaxing now that he was home, and the comfort smells and sounds were surrounding him.

He looked on edge to Jim, nervous, and his heart beat was up several notches. The whole loft smelled like Blair, though this time it was different, it was more… intriguing.

Jim walked over to him, brushed his fingertips over Blair's brow, and lightly caressed the curly hair. "This song played the other night during stake-out. Megan started to change it, and I said to leave it."

"Yeah?" Blair whispered, his heart tripping along.

"I remember this song playing after my mom left, like months later. My dad yanked the radio off the counter in the kitchen and threw it into the trash." Jim shook his head. "I feel like," he stared into Blair's warm eyes, "I feel like until I met you, and really not until you moved in here, that I was dark and empty. My life was bottoming out. Carolyn was gone, I couldn't talk to anyone about my problems, my senses, and then there you were."

"I thought you said you don't do romantic." Blair smiled softly at first, and then he couldn't hold back the true grin.

"Honestly, I don't think I ever felt it before now. I loved Carolyn, but it wasn't like this- it wasn't like how you and I are together." He rested his hand over Blair's chest where he could feel the pounding of his heart. He could feel the bump of the nipple ring.

"She was-." Blair started, but the words stuck in his throat. Jim was pressing his palm into the shape of the nipple ring, and it made him shiver. He'd been so horny all day, it was almost like being a virgin again. Virgin-virgin, not you know, *virgin*.

"I was hiding with her or maybe behind her. Hiding from myself too. You don't let people hide, Blair. You don't let people be shy." He leaned forward a little and sniffed near Blair's right temple. "God you smell good."

Blair made a choking sound. "I know you said we need to go slow, work this out. I've been itching all day, hungry but not… hungry." Jim smiled crookedly. "If Simon complains to you tomorrow about changing laundry detergent, you'll know why."

"Uh-huh." Blair managed, swallowing several times. With great determination, he took a step back from Jim. "Man-o-man, don't do that sniffing thing now!" His hands covered his crotch. "That really turns me on."

"Maybe you're like that kid in the sci-fi book you were reading last weekend." Jim's eyes sparkled as he stepped towards Blair. Blair stepped back again and came up against the post. Jim tilted his head, leaning forward and breathed on Blair's left temple, "Maybe you're in heat, and you're just reacting to your mate."

"Jim." The name rumbled in Blair's chest. "You said you weren't reading my book."

"I lied." Jim pulled back slightly and smiled as Blair leaned forward. "I read a little of it."

"He wasn't a k-k-." Blair started to protest, and then stopped as Jim arched an eyebrow at him, leaned forward and licked - *licked* - his tongue over Blair's lips.

"I want you." Jim said it softly, his breath on Blair's face. "I want to be naked, I want you naked, I want to lick you."

"L-lick me." Blair practically squeaked.

"Lick you." Jim sniffed just below Blair's right ear, and growled low in his throat.

"Aaahhh!" He shivered all over. When he opened his eyes after a few second, panting for breath, he found Jim smiling at him, watching him.

"You think we should keep waiting?" Jim asked him. "It's not like we have to do anything… technical."

"Tech…" Blair closed his eyes again as if that would help shut out the image of Jim so close, so warm… They were going to wait when they had time to be alone, like the upcoming three day weekend. Blair had done some experimenting as a teen-ager, and some more in college, but he'd never gone "all the way" with a man. Jim hadn't either, having worked hard in the military to hide his sexual curiosity that his father had deemed immoral and perverted.

He knew the main idea, but he didn't want them getting hurt, and he sure as hell didn't want Jim getting freaked out. The last thing Blair wanted was to lose his best friend, and probably the love of his life.

"Blair." Jim said his name to get his attention. "If it bothers you-."

"Bother me?" Blair's blue eyes snapped open. "It doesn't bother me that you want to lick me. I want to be licked. I want to touch! I just worry." He shrugged one shoulder. He left go of his crotch, but his fingers curled into fists and he pressed them into his thighs. "I worry that if something goes wrong- something!" He spoke louder to cut Jim off. "I worry because I don't want to lose you. What if this changes-. Like what if you decide you don't like being with me? That you don't-."

Jim stepped close, took one of Blair's fists and rubbed the back of his hand against his own crotch. "I smell you in the shower in the morning, and it makes me hard. I smell you in your bed at night, and I have a freakin' pup tent in my bed. I smell you, I taste you in the air, I hear your blood, I-. You won't ever lose me, Blair. I swear, nothing bad will happen." He paused for a second. "No one between us, no one distracting me. Just you and me. That's it."

The fingers uncurled and the hand turned, and Blair was cupping Jim's bulge.

Jim's free hand came up, and his fingers dove into Blair's curly hair. He seemed to take forever to lean in, his tongue came out, and swiped across Blair's lips. Blair's mouth open, breathing a bit hard, and Jim's tongue slipped inside. Their heads angled automatically- they were getting good at the kissing, though Blair always thought they could use practice.

Jim's tongue stroked the roof of Blair's mouth, and Blair sucked, and his tongue stroked against Jim's. It was such a hot kiss that Blair would have sworn that Jim's fingertips were seared into his skull.

The timer on the oven started beeping, and the sound slammed into Jim like it was a bomb. He jerked back away from Blair, cringing, his hands coming up to cover his ears.

"Shit!" Blair gasped, falling back against the post and nearly onto the floor. Jim grabbed him before his butt hit the hardwood. "Sorry!"

"Stop." Jim was still cringing from the sound of the timer.

Blair hurried over to the oven and turned off the timer, and turned off the oven. "I put in one of your lasagna casseroles for dinner." He went back over to Jim, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Focus in on me, turn the sound down."

"Focusing on you is what got me in trouble." Jim half-laughed, shaking his head. "The pain is worth the pleasure though." He shifted around, pulling Blair close, and before Blair knew it, the left side of his neck under his ear was being licked. A jean clad thigh pressed into his groin. He totally forgot about lasagna, lettuce draining in the sink or anything else except for that tongue…

"Ah!" Blair forcefully pushed himself away from Jim. He hobbled over to the counter, carefully unzipped his pants and eased the pressure some. "Just, wait. Wait a minute." He gasped, gripping the counter.

He didn't see Jim's grin or how the shirt got unbuttoned, and pulled off. He did notice the strong, bare arms come around him, and the warm solid body lean against his back. One hand stroked down his right arm, and rested over his hand. Jim's other hand slid around his belly, settling low, slipping fingertips into purple silk boxers.

"You scared?" Jim asked him, voice low, chin resting on Blair's shoulder. "You wanna stop?"

"God, no." Blair shook his head, "Just in the middle of the loft floor… is not how I want it to go."

"I knew I should have stopped and bought flowers." Jim kissed the side of his neck. Blair laughed.

"No, man. I don't need flowers." He turned his head and they kissed slowly, but gently. "I want your comfortable bed, and some of that evergreen and sage massage oil, and…"

The fingers slipped further into the purple silk boxers, into tight, curly pubic hair. Blair shivered, wanting to push into that hand.

"Jim." He moaned, "Please."

"Please what?" Jim nibbled on an earlobe. "Please stop?"

His fingers wrapped around Blair's penis loosely, moving slowly, and pushing the boxers out of the way. His other hand came down and pushed the jeans out of the way. The denim, aided by the silk, slid down the hairy, muscular thighs. It was then that Blair realized that Jim had removed more than his dress shirt. His Sentinel was as naked as he wanted to be.

"No." Blair breathed, "Geez, no, an…"

"You're one hairy guy, Blair." Jim chuckled, running his hand back over Blair's belly. "I love it."

"Uh, uh…" Blair stuttered, frowning, and trying to think coherently. What came out was, "I'm hairy?"

Jim chuckled some more, and it was the deep, sexy chuckle that Blair really liked. It made his toes curl. Hell, this time it made more than his toes curl.

"Yeah, baby, you're hairy." Jim grabbed the hem of Blair's shirts, and pulled them up and off. If Blair had been able to think with his brain and not his dick, he would have noticed that Jim had thrown the clothes on to the floor. With his own.

Jim then knelt down and pulled of Blair's shoes, socks, and then his pants and boxers. He started to stand back up, but suddenly there he was face to butt cheek with Blair's fine ass. He sniffed. Mmmm, intriguing. Very rich, very musky Blair smell here.

It slowly dawned on Blair that Jim had called him "baby". He wanted to object but he was hanging on for dear life here. Those hands seemed to be everywhere, but that warm chest had gone away, and he was trying to focus his vision and see where Jim was, except that was when his ass was given an experimental lick and nibble. He did a full body shiver, and pre-cum dribbled from his rock hard erection.

"Nnnba-ggahh-mmm…" He gasped, head almost resting on the counter in front of him.

Jim's strong, long-fingers hands caressed up Blair's legs, over the quivering thighs, to his narrow hips, to the tight, round ass. He took a cheek in each hand, massaging lightly, and with his thumbs, separated the globes to get a look at Blair's puckered hole.

With a woman, Jim was pretty much the basic kind of sex guy. You start their motor, suit up, kiss kiss, blah blah, and you do the deed. It had started getting mechanical for him and less enjoyable as he got older, and as he realized he was really missing something. Apparently, that something really was the babbling younger man displayed before him.

Tentatively, he sniffed. Oooh, yeah. He closed his eyes, leaned in and took another sniff. It was like something shifted in his soul, and said yeah. This is it. He probably would have zoned out on Blair Scent if it weren't for two factors.

One: His own cock was leaking and practically screaming at him for attention. Me! Down here! DO SOMETHING!

Two: Blair's body was trembling and shaking, and cum was spurting all over the side of the cabinet.

Jim stood up, holding on to Blair, enjoying the sound of the thunderous heart beat and the mad rushing of his mate's blood. When Blair started calming down, Jim reassuringly stroked his chest while whispering in his ear all the things that Jim was contemplating to do to him. He caught Blair as the younger man's body started to sag, neatly shifted him around and tossed him over a strong, broad shoulder. He then headed upstairs to his bead.

Near the top of the stairs, Blair weakly shoved hair out of his eyes to get a glimpse of the warrior's body carrying up the stairs. That ass, man. Whoa!

"Uhm, Jim?" Blair asked. Things were still a bit fuzzy for him, but at least he was regaining the ability to speak.

Jim tossed him down on the bed. Blair bounced, peered up through the hair over his face, and lost his ability to speak all over again. That warrior was standing there in his naked glory, raging erection dripping with cum, and the intense look on the man's face made Blair's cock twitch.

"Unnh-suh-suh-." Blair babbled, watching Jim.

Jim reached into the drawer of his night-stand, and withdrew a little bottle of something he'd been saving. The Rain Forest scent of massage oil that the lady at the food co-op had made just for him.

He looked down at Blair, his breath coming harder now, his senses having pulled in on just one thing.

"Shut up, baby." Jim growled. "I'm busy."

He flicked the bottle of massage oil open with a thumb.

Blair thought briefly, quickly, that he just might not survive this, but then it was too late.

The lusty panther in man form was on him, and resistance –as they say- is futile.

The end

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Acknowledgements: "First time ever I saw your Face" written by Ewan MacColl, song by Roberta Flack (for this story anyway). Written for Patt. Thank you to Ankaree for the gorgeous cover art.