Once More With Feeling by Patt

Once More with Feeling - Patt

Jim woke up feeling like crap and walked downstairs to the bathroom, hoping he wouldn’t need to throw up once he got there. Helpful hint: Wait until you’re sober before trying that again.

Jim had made love to Blair the night before, but he wondered if he did a good enough job, because he woke up alone in bed. That wasn’t a good sign at all. He was too drunk, he only hoped that he didn’t hurt Blair in any way. He looked down from the mirror and looked at his dick. For some reason, it seemed sore. Why was it sore? Oh Jesus, I fucked him and probably with no lube or anything. Oh my god, he’ll never forgive me.

Jim jumped into the shower and scrubbed his body like it was covered in mud or something. He wanted to get the drunken stench off of him. When he was finally done in the shower, he brushed his teeth about six times, hoping to get rid of the horrible taste in his mouth. It finally worked. He felt like he was human again and could face Blair when he apologized.

Where was Blair? Had he ruined everything by fucking him? Would he lose his best friend because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants? Would he lose his friend because he might have hurt him when he fucked him? These were all things that Jim needed to find out and soon.

Jim walked up the stairs and got dressed. While putting his shoes on, the phone rang and Jim picked it up on the first ring, “Ellison.”

“Hey Jim, I forgot to leave you a note. I wanted to pick up some breakfast food, so I’ll be home in a little bit,” Blair said softly, knowing his friend had a hangover from hell.

A relieved Jim said, “Okay, I’ll be here when you get back.”

“You okay?” Blair asked.

“Yeah, you okay?” Jim questioned.

“I’m great…” Blair answered.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes then,” Jim replied.

“Okay, bye,” Blair said before he closed his cell phone.

Jim rubbed his large hands over his face and said out loud, “Why do I feel like I missed something?”

Jim changed the sheets on the bed and noticed there was no blood or anything, so that was good. Blair sounded like he was fine, so that was a fine thing too. Now Jim just had to wait for Blair to get back so they could talk.


Blair picked out the rest of the items he wanted for making a superb breakfast. He finally got everything and went up to pay. While he was in line, Simon walked up behind him and said, “What are you doing out already this morning? I figured you’d be under the weather with all of the drinks you and Jim had.”

“Hey Simon, nice to see you. I feel great and there is nothing like a good nights sleep to make you feel better. And I thought I’d make a good breakfast for Jim,” Blair stated.

“How does one get invited over to breakfast?” Simon asked.

Blair stalled a moment and then said, “Would you like to join us for breakfast?”

Simon smiled and said, “Thought you would never ask. I would love to.”

“Well, you know where we live, so I’ll meet you there,” Blair said.

Simon walked out of the store and into his car to drive over to the loft. As Blair still stood in the check-out line, he called Jim again.

“Ellison,” Jim answered.

“Jim, Simon is on his way over there. I’m just warning you. He was looking for a breakfast invite and didn’t know what to say,” Blair explained.

“That’s fine, Chief. We’ll talk when he leaves, all right?” Jim asked.

“That’s fine with me. Gotta go, I’m getting rung up now,” Blair closed his cell phone and paid for his groceries.


Jim went into the bathroom once more to put some more lotion on his dick. Why in the hell did it hurt so much? He looked down at it, and saw that it wasn’t red or swollen, so that was good. He didn’t know why it would be hurting at all. He really needed to ask Blair about this, even if he was embarrassed.


On the drive home, Blair was sitting a little funny. His ass was sore. Jim rode him hard and long the night before. Not that he was complaining, but he wasn’t going to be sitting right for a day or two.


Jim heard Simon knock at the door and he went to answer it. “Hey Simon, come on in.”

“Wow, you look pretty good for someone that drank everyone else under the table,” Simon teased.

“Well, I got a good nights sleep. What can I say?” Jim asked.

“That’s what Sandburg said too. You two much have passed out right away and slept all night. I’m surprised,” Simon replied.

“Why?” Jim wondered.

“Why am I surprised? Well, you both were pretty drunk and I figured you would be throwing up all night long. I’m glad to hear that you were able to sleep so well,” Simon commented.

“Sit down and Blair will be here soon with the breakfast fixings. Would you like some coffee?” Jim questioned.

“Thought you would never ask,” Simon remarked wearing a big smile.

“What are you doing out already this morning?” Jim asked as he handed the cup of coffee to Simon.

Simon took a drink of his coffee and said, “I was going to check in on you two. I’ve never seen either of you that drunk before. We had to bring your cars home and put the keys on the counter. Actually, I’ve never ever seen you drunk.”

“We had that lousy stinking case we were working on, we deserved to get drunk, don’t you agree?” Jim inquired.

“Yes, I agree. But I also can’t believe how great both of you look this morning. I thought Sandburg would be calling in sick for two days at least,” Simon teased.

“He’s tougher than he looks, Simon,” Jim shared.

“I guess so,” Simon supposed.

Blair walked in through the door at that very moment and Jim just stared at him to see if they were all right. Blair smiled at him and Jim felt somewhat better already. Then Jim watched Blair walk into the kitchen and wanted to throw-up. He had hurt Blair. Blair was walking funny.

Jim walked into the kitchen and said, “Are you all right?”

“Never been better,” Blair answered.

Jim whispered, “You’re walking funny.”

Blair whispered back, “Yup and it’s fine with me.”

Jim just shook his head and walked into the dining room and joined Simon for coffee.

“You look like a man that has something on his mind. Did I interrupt something?” Simon asked.

“No, you’re fine,” Jim said casually.

“You know what? I think I’ll leave right now. I’ve got some things to do and I think you better talk to your partner,” Simon suggested.

“Why would I need to talk to my partner?” Jim asked truthfully.

“He’s walking a little funny, Jim. I take it you didn’t just sleep,” Simon stated.

“Oh shit…” Jim said as he put his hands over his face.

Blair came around the bar and said, “What did you do to him?”

“I didn’t do anything to him. I just asked him if you two had done more than sleep,” Simon barked.

“Its okay, Jim. Simon, this isn’t the time or place to discuss this,” Blair commented.

“I’m leaving and you two can discuss all you want,” Simon remarked as he got up to leave.

“Wait a minute Simon. Are you all right with this?” Blair asked, nervously.

“Yes, I’m fine with it, but I think Jim is embarrassed. You might want to discuss this with him,” Simon insisted as he walked out the door.


“Jim, come on, talk to me,” Blair pleaded.

“God, I’m fucked no matter what. I fucked you and probably didn’t do it right and now my boss knows. What more could go wrong?” Jim asked.

“What do you mean, you probably fucked me wrong?” Blair questioned.

“My dick is sore, so I would guess I didn’t use enough lube or something and you’re walking funny and I woke up this morning and just wanted to do it again, you know, so I could show you I could do it right,” Jim explained.

“Jim, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you did it just right and that’s why I’m walking funny. I’m not used to having someone fuck me that long. Boy, oh boy, do you have staying power,” Blair commented quickly.

“Yeah? So I didn’t hurt you?” Jim wondered.

“No, I’m not hurt, but if you’d like to fuck me again to do it right, that would be fine with me,” Blair teased.

“Did I tell you that I love you?” Jim asked.

“Oh yeah, many times,” Blair replied.

“And did you tell me that you loved me?” Jim asked nervously.

“Oh yeah, many times,” Blair answered again.

“So we’re okay?” Jim asked.

“We’re more than okay, Jim. We’re in love and so what if our boss knows about it. We would have probably told him about it soon anyhow. What’s he going to do, separate us?” Blair inquired.

“He could, if he wanted to be a hard-ass. But I think he’ll leave it like it is for now. But we’re going to have to be careful from now on, Chief,” Jim rationalized.

“Enough of this talk, how about we go upstairs and do this again,” Blair suggested.

“Yeah, once more with feeling,” Jim teased.

“Oh we had feeling, so let’s just be in love,” Blair said as they walked up the stairs.

“Blair, do you know why my dick would be hurting?” Jim asked.

“Maybe because you fucked me twice last night, did you ever think about that?” Blair asked.

“Holy shit, no wonder I’m sore. No wonder you’re sore. How about you fuck me this time?” Jim said.

“I think I could be talked into that,” Blair countered.

“I love you,” Jim declared.

“And I love you,” Blair confessed.

“Once more with feeling, Blair,” Jim pleaded.

“You got it,” Blair answered as he began to get his lover ready for the fucking of his life.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Mary and Kerensa for the beta. Thank you to Lisa Adolf for the beautiful cover art.