Snowbound - Angelise

"Don't look at me like that."

Blair tugged the hood of his parka over his head.

"Look at you like what?"

The young anthropologist blew out a breath of frosty air.

"Like that. Like I'm responsible for everything that goes wrong in your life."

Jim crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his young lover.

"Are you saying this is my fault?"

Blair tucked his hands under his thighs.

"Well, I'm not the one who was driving with one hand and groping his partner's dick with the other."

Blair grinned as his Sentinel flipped him the bird.

"Your hands are so talented. Too bad they couldn't steer this here truck away from that there snow bank."

The grad student pointed at the wall of snow the old Ford's hood was buried in.

"Our one free weekend and you drive us into a ditch. Gee whiz, Jim. Are we having fun yet?"

The Sentinel grumbled.

"Quit your whining. The tow truck will be here shortly."

"Shortly? I think your hearing is on the fritz. That man said it would take him at least an hour if not longer before he could get out here."

Blair looked out the window at the snowy landscape. "Way out here in this freezing wilderness."

The longhaired police observer jerked his scarf up around his face.

"I'll be a guppy popsicle by the time we're rescued."

"Dammit, Sandburg! I'm sorry! It was all my fault. Okay? Is that what you need to hear?"

Blair pulled down his scarf and grinned at his lover.

"Apology accepted. Now get over here, Studmuffin, and let's share some body heat."

Jim slid across the seat and picked up the smaller man, depositing him on his lap. Reaching through the truck's rear window into the back camper, he snagged the nearest satchel.

"I'm sure there's bound to be a blanket in here somewhere. I've never known you to go anywhere without the appropriate amount of insulation."

The detective unzipped the canvas bag and dumped its contents on the vacated seat next to him.

"What the fuck?"

Blair glanced over Jim's shoulder and immediately blushed.

"Oops. Wrong bag."

The Sentinel poked a psychedelic green dildo with his finger. His surprised gaze turned back toward his lover, who at the moment, was trying his best to hide within the depths of his oversized parka.

"Is there something I should know here, Blair?"

An intricately studded cattail was lifted into the air.

"I thought we were going ice fishing, Chief. Is this a new type of bait?"

A gold cock ring was then twirled around a Sentinel finger.

"And just what are the fish going to do with this? Hula hoop?"

Blair made a grab for his lover's hand. The older man's quick reflexes prevented the snatching fingers from getting the shiny circle.

"Laugh it up, tough guy."

The Sentinel did so, his laughter bringing a renewed blush to the young man's face. Blair lifted his chin and glowered at his Blessed Protector.

"Are you finished? Had your jollies?"

Jim ruffled his Guide's long hair a second, before crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out.

Blair's next move was lightening fast, his teeth latching onto the big man's tongue. A quick nip and the Sentinel hauled his lover in for a deep, wet kiss.

Smacking his lips, Jim grinned widely at Blair. His partner rolled his eyes and made another grab for his toys.

"I just thought we could have a little fun while we were out here."

A wicked light flared in the detective's eyes. He scooped up a string of red anal beads, letting them dangle over his lover's groin.

"Oh, I think we can have a little fun right here."

The Sentinel pressed the glass globes against Blair's wakening cock. He smiled as his fingers detected the surge of blood in the lengthening organ. Lifting his head, he noted his partner's quickening heartbeat and panting gasps for breath.

"Wanna play with me, Blair?"

The young man's hands scrambled for his belt buckle and zipper.

"Oh yeah. Let's play, Jimbo."

The Sentinel rearranged his lover's body so that the smaller man was straddling his waist. He then concentrated on the arduous task of releasing Blair from his clothes.

"Shit, Chief. How many layers do you have on?"

After several false starts, the grad student's body was finally exposed to his lover's hungry gaze. The detective took a minute to admire Blair's sensual nakedness. Coiling his finger around the silver nipple hoop, Jim tugged and felt his own cock respond to the low moaning sigh of pleasure that escaped from Blair's lips.

Looking at the collection of toys, the Sentinel considered his many choices.

"Let's see what kind of goodies you brought me."

A bright purple vibrator was picked up and examined. Jim whistled his approval at the sight of the studded sleeve the device wore.

"Hmmm. This looks mighty interesting."

The detective flicked the vibrator on and rested it against Blair's pierced nipple. The younger man's scream had the Sentinel hustling to dial down his acute hearing.

"Muzzle it, Chief. Don't want to bring an avalanche down on us, now do we?"

Blair gritted his teeth as the vibrator slid across to his other nipple.

"Well, golly gee, Jim. I'll try my very best."

The promise lasted only a few seconds. Another yell slammed through the truck's interior when Jim slipped the vibrator underneath Blair's cock to rest it on top of his balls.


Blair threw back his head, his open mouth struggling to recapture the breath that had rushed out of his body. The clever vibrator journeyed further, the pulsation teasing along his cleft. Blair's breathless moan inspired Jim to delve further with the studded toy, its tender invasion welcomed as muscles clenched and unclenched.

Blair's shuddering warned the Sentinel of his lover's imminent surrender. Unwilling to release him from his torture, Jim stroked the vibrator along Blair's perineum, initiating a tease of both balls and ass.

An uncontrollable sob escalated into a full-blown scream; its volume guaranteed to threaten the solidity of snow on the mountain outside the truck. Yanking Blair forward, Jim attempted to obliterate the sound with his mouth. The grad student refused to cooperate and the Sentinel decided on more drastic measures.

A handful of snowflakes scattered across Blair's naked chest.


Blair snapped his eyes open and saw that his lover had rolled down the window, giving his long arm access to a nearby snowdrift.

"Dammit, Jim. Are you trying to freeze my balls off? Close that window!"

The Sentinel laughed but did as his Guide demanded.

"Just thought I'd cool you off a bit."

Blair looked down at his wilting erection.

"Well I think you accomplished that."

Jim leaned forward and licked his tongue across his Guide's collarbone.

"I do believe I know the remedy for your particular problem."

The Sentinel directed his mouth to Blair's nipple. His tongue wrestled with the silver hoop that pierced the small nub, its wet flicker shifting relentlessly across the erect peak.

Blair's fingers fought for purchase in the Sentinel's short hair, fighting to guide his partner's mouth to his neglected nipple.

"Oh . . . oh . . . oh my!"

Jim nipped the rosy nub several times before lifting his head and admiring his handiwork. Blair's wiggling ass directed his gaze downward.

"I see your lack of . . . shall we say . . . interest has been taken care of."

The Sentinel picked up the purple vibrator and ran it along the underside of Blair's cock. Allowing the vibrating tip to tease the slit of his lover's erection, Jim watched as droplets of pre-come eased out. Licking his lips, he smiled as his ears caught the sound of Blair's low pitch whimpers.

"You like that don't you, babe? Makes you want more."

The grad student grabbed the older man's jacket and hauled him down, his open mouth declaring his answer. Blair's tongue snaked between Jim's lips, its heat banishing every thought of the cold that surrounded them.

The Sentinel growled, his hunger dictating the restless journey his hands embarked on. They attacked the smaller man's body, attempting to touch everything . . . his face, neck, chest, hips. Finally they gave up and tangled themselves in Blair's mahogany curls.

With his breath choked off by his lover's tongue, Jim struggled to block out the deafening sound of his pounding heart. A few seconds later the noise invaded his awareness and the Sentinel's mind finally broke through the haze of lust. The pounding wasn't his heart; it was a fist slamming against the steam-obscured window.

Jim wrenched Blair's mouth away and scrambled to cover the man's nakedness.

"Blair! Chief! Pack it in ice, baby. The tow truck is here."

The older man couldn't help but chuckle at the look of utter dismay on his Guide's face. Before slipping out from under Blair's weight, he leaned forward.

"Temporary setback, Sweetcheeks. But don't worry. I've still got my eye on those pleasure beads."

A tortured groan answered the Sentinel's tease as Blair rushed to open the window on the passenger side. As his lover took care of getting the truck secured and pulled from the snow bank, the young grad student sat with his head out the window, pulling in lungfuls of bracing cold air. When his lust was thoroughly restrained, Blair rolled his window back up and straightened his clothes.


In the process of shouldering back into his parka, the grad student fell forward as the truck was yanked hard from the snow bank that gripped its front end. Holding his sore elbow, Blair rubbed a clear spot on the driver's side window and noted the truck was now on the shoulder of the road.

Waving at his lover, he watched as the Sentinel paid the tow truck driver. Something nudged his foot. Looking down Blair spied a loose butt plug. With a quiet chuckle, he took to the task of collecting the scattered toys.

Unable to locate his new remote control gadget, Blair bent himself in half and peered under the seat.

"There you are. Trying to run away?"

Blair stretched out across the seat, his arm disappearing underneath.


The door to the truck opened as the police observer grabbed for the lost toy.

"Looking for loose change, Chief?"

Blair smiled at his large lover and held up his prize.

"Just collecting a fugitive from the toy box."

Sliding inside the truck, Jim loosened his jacket before tugging on a strand of Blair's hair. Taking the small case from his lover's hand he cautiously opened the lid, a questioning light in his blue eyes as he beheld the contents. Looking up, he caught the faint flush on his lover's face.

"I take it this is another one of your playthings."

Blair scooted back over to his side of the vehicle and looked out the window.

"Uh, yeah."

Jim stroked a finger over the oval device, his nail tracing the attached cord.

"Want to enlighten me, Einstein?"

A mass of curls hid the grad student's face, his voice wobbling with a slight tinge of embarrassment.

"It's a . . . a bullet."

The detective slid his arm along the back of the seat and gripped Blair's neck, forcing the man to look in his direction.

"And just what gun does it fit in?"

A choked laugh answered the Sentinel, teasing his curiosity even more.

"Chief? Wanna let me in on the joke?"

Blair leaned over and claimed his lover's lips in a breathless kiss of laughter. His hand closed around the small case Jim was holding, his fingers plucking the metallic oval from its resting place. After releasing the big man's mouth, he dangled the device in front of Jim's face and grinned with pure wickedness.

"It's a remote controlled bullet. And the only gun it fits is your sexy ass."

The detective's mouth fell open, his blue eyes going wide with understanding. He reached out a slightly shaky finger and poked the tiny toy.

"Are you saying? Do you mean? That thing? That that thing goes in my ass?"

Blair leaned down and fumbled around in the bag at his feet. He sat back, a tube of lubricant in his hand.

"Care for a personal demonstration, tough guy?"

The Sentinel clamped his hand down on the burgeoning bulge that threatened to burst open his jeans. His problem was instantly aggravated by Blair rubbing the blue metallic bullet over his crotch.


The young man played his fingers over the snap that was about to pop its hole.

"Come on, babe. Let me load your pistol."

Blair nibbled on his lover's jaw as his hands made quick work of releasing the man's swollen erection from its denim prison. His fingers came back smeared with Sentinel pre-come, a taste Blair was more than happy to share with his lover.

A slow, wet, deep kiss followed and before it was finished, Jim was frantically pushing off his underwear and jeans. Once the garments were down around his ankles, he tried lifting his legs. Unfortunately the steering wheel proved to be an unconquerable foe and the two men were soon laughing at their predicament.

Blair scooted back to his side of the truck, his hand pulling his lover towards him. Free of the steering wheel, Jim shucked off his shoes, underwear and jeans. He hiked his legs up, resting his sock covered feet on the dash. With a scooting forward of his ass, he provided his lover an unencumbered access to his lusty pucker.

Unable to resist himself, Blair teased the opening with his finger, barely sliding the tip inside. Another growl warned him to cease and desist.

"Get on with it, Chief. Or else you'll be cleaning the dashboard."

Blair laughed and complied with his lover's throaty request. He held the metallic device in his hand to warm it. Coating it liberally with lube, the smaller man rubbed it around the outer edges of Jim's hole. With a tortured slowness, he finally inserted it deep inside the Sentinel's body, leaving just the remote wire exposed.

Once finished, he slapped the older man's ass and leaned back, grinning widely.

"All done!"

Jim looked over at his partner, an eyebrow creeping up his forehead.

"That's it? That's all?"

Letting his legs drop, the detective wiggled his butt.

"Not quite sure what the attraction is, Chief. It feels nice but I wouldn't howl about it. Kinda boring considering . . . I mean . . . "

The Sentinel strangled on the rest of his sentence, his body soaring off the seat, his head hitting the roof. A surprised scream tore out of his throat as his prostate was slammed with an unfamiliar sensation.


Blair clicked the device off and smiled as his lover collapsed back on the seat.

"Boring? Are you sure about that?"

Astounded blue eyes flipped around to stare at the laughing grad student.

"SHIT! What the hell? SHIT!"

Blair crawled over and straddled his lover's lower torso. Gripping the older man's erection, he flicked the bullet back on. An aching moan of hunger spilled into the winter silence, the Sentinel's uncontrollable shudders nearly unseating his Guide.

"Blair! OH SHIT! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

An explosion of Sentinel cream hit Blair right in the chest. He stroked Jim's cock hard and fast, ripping even more hot come from his body. Increasing the bullet's speed, Blair tugged on his lover's spewing shaft and watched as the man roared in ecstasy.

The big man collapsed, his whole body melting into a boneless heap. After enduring Blair's snickering kisses for a moment, the Sentinel forced opened his eyes and stared at his young lover. Catching his Guide's smiling mouth, Jim took his revenge with a kiss that attempted to suck the man's breath right out of his lungs.

Blair fell back against the dash, a lopsided grin on his face.

"I think this is going to be your most favorite toy. Am I right, Hotbuns?"

Jim pushed his lover off and reached for his jeans. Slipping back into his clothes, he shook his head and muttered.

"Toy? You call that thing a toy. Registered weapon of torture is more like it."

After zipping his jeans, Jim looked over at his still smirking lover.

"Laugh it up, Lambchop. You almost killed me with that toy."

Blair reached out and patted the Sentinel's crotch.

"But just think, tough guy . . . what a way to go."

Ignoring his Guide's wandering hands, Jim slipped the keys into the ignition and started up the truck's engine. Checking for oncoming traffic, the detective eased the vehicle forward. After only a short distance, Jim threw the brakes on.

Blair grabbed for the dash.

"Hey! You trying to splatter me across the windshield?"

"Give it here."

Blair readjusted his seatbelt.

"It? What are you talking about?"

The Sentinel leaned over and thoroughly searched his Guide's body. With a satisfied smile, he pulled the remote control from its hiding place under Blair's thigh. Tucking it away in the pocket of his jacket, Jim started the truck forward again.

"Did you really think I would trust you with this while I was driving? I know you too well, Chief."

Blair pouted and folded his arms across his chest.

"Hey. I'm not that crazy. Wouldn't want you steering back into another snow bank."

A Guiding hand crept across the distance between the two men. With the utmost stealth, it slid inside Jim's pocket.

"But then again . . . "

The end.

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Artist's Acknowledgements: A gift for Patt. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this wonderful endeavor.