Many Seasons of Love

  This ezine is dedicated to Amy and Tony, and Lisa and her mom. Both Lisa's mom and Tony are dealing with serious medical problems, and we wish them and their families the best of luck and pray for them daily. We have a special prayer page if you'd like to add your prayers.


WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships),
NC-17 level and some graphic photographs are contained in this E-ZINE.

Proceed at your own RISK, If you don't like the material, then please go away now!

Our authors appreciate feedback, please be kind.

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Story Title Author
Home Lyn With Graphics
  Home, it's not just a place. 5K      
Wet and Wild Patt With Graphics
  What could Jim buy that would warm Blair up all fall, winter and spring? 17K      
Spring Fever Lilith Faire With Graphics
  Jim decides that he hates spring and Blair sets out to prove him wrong. 24K      
Take A Little Piece of My Heart Lisa, Duncan's Twin With Graphics
  Life altering actions lead to life changing consequences. 50K      
I Came, I Saw, I Missed The Bus dolly llama With Graphics
  A picture's worth a thousand words -- or bus fare. 96K      
High Voltage Natalie L. With Graphics
  Blair finds comfort with Jim during a thunderstorm. 11K      
Snowbound Angelise With Graphics
  With their truck stuck in the snow, our Sentinel discovers the bag of surprise goodies his Guide packed for their trip. 18K      
Sexual Healing Roxanne With Graphics
  Jim's sick. Blair makes him feel all better. 45K      
Six Months VampyrAlex With Graphics
  Jim finds himself attracted to a man for the first time in his life. Can he break the habits of a lifetime, or will he fall for the persistant woman 'stalking' him? 59K      
And Winter Fast Approaching Martha Christine With Graphics
  After a catastrophic military 'accident' separates Jim and Blair, the Sentinel retreats to the mountains to build a new tribe. But is Blair really dead? 120K      
Seasonal Haiku - Jim JM Griffin With Graphics
  Jim haikus about Blair.      
With You Lisa, Duncan's Twin With Graphics
  It's just one more day. 11K      
Spring Back Melinda With Graphics
  Even the best laid plans of a Sentinel can go awry. 17K      
Turn, Turn, Turn Lyn With Graphics
  It takes a tragedy for Jim and Blair to realize that they are meant to be together. 43K      
The Scent of Frost [Story removed at the request of the author] NovaD
The Lone Ranger Patt & CJ With Graphics
  What happens when a man, who thinks he's the Lone Ranger, finds out he isn't? 112K      
A Love For All Seasons Sue With Graphics
  Jim and Blair and glimpses of their love throughout the year. 12K      
Spending Limit Scribe With Graphics
  Blair sets a limit on what he and Jim can spend on Christmas presents, then has to get creative when his present to Jim is stolen. 19K      
Season Ticket Krisser With Graphics
  Who knew that Season tickets to the basketball games, would make these men realize how they felt about each other? 46K      
The Big Thaw akablonded With Graphics
  A young anthropologist learns that, even in the coldest surroundings, love can burn bright -- if it's for the right person. 74K      
Shore Love Kaitelyn With Graphics
  Revelations at the Jersey shore. 130K      
Seasonal Haiku - Blair JM Griffin With Graphics
  Blair haikus about Jim.      
Snakebite Fire Frog With Graphics
  Be careful in the woods in Spring, danger lurks for man and reptile... 12K      
He Wore Short-Shorts Silk With Graphics
  You wouldn't think a charming young anthropologist would be lonely, would you? But when a chance encounter on a Caribbean beach leads to romance, Blair could get used to feeling happy in the arms of his new Blessed Protector. 19K      
The Long Fall Tangent With Graphics
  Jim doesn't know what game Sandburg's playing but he's got his own ideas about winning. 47K      
Physical Fascination Rogue With Graphics
  All succumb to the physical fascination ... when they're a horny guide with a gorgeous and sensuous sentinel. 84K      
Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man Scribe With Graphics
  Blair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person... 287K, split into two parts