Wet and Wild - Patt

Winter to Jim Ellison meant not seeing his guide's skin for about four months. It was gloomy, dark, cold and left him longing for his partner all the more. What was up with that? Since when did he want his partner? Since forever? Get a grip Ellison, you've been wanting him since the day you threw him up against the wall in his own office. Admit it to yourself, if not anyone else.

God, Jim wanted to get a hot tub for the balcony. It was so cold and damp. He just knew that would somehow warm Blair up. Maybe even give Jim a chance to see more of Blair's skin. Nothing beat out the sight of Blair skin; not that he saw it much. Jim loved seeing it in any way, shape or form but he'd really like to see him naked in the hot tub that Jim was going to buy. Mind made up, Jim took measurements and he went to the pool and spa store. He had time to plan this because Blair was out of town at a convention for profiling. Jim had a week to get this show on the road.

The overbearing salesman spotted Jim right off, and almost ran to him to see if he could make a quick sale. "Hi, my name is John. I'd like to show you the latest we have in hot tubs. I noticed you looking at the ones right here, but I'd like to show you these over here. They're the state of the art."

Jim glared at the man and walked up to the counter and smiled at the saleswoman standing next to it shyly, and said, "Could you please show me a really small hot tub. I need it to fit on my balcony."

"Sir, I'd be glad to show you the smaller ones over on this side of the store." She said shyly moving in front of Jim like someone who wanted to just hide. Jim could tell she didn't feel great about her weight. He'd found out that some women are very comfortable with being overweight and others thought they looked terrible. This girl looked like she was going to die of embarrassment. What was strangest was that she was beautiful. Jim wished people felt better about their bodies. He wished that Blair would show his off more. Back to the reason that he was there to begin with.

"What's your name?" Jim asked sweetly, almost batting his eyes. She looked at him and blushed and then found herself smiling.

Putting out her hand to shake Jim's, she said, "It's Kara and you are?"

"Jim Ellison." Jim said smiling and shaking her hand. They walked over to the side of the store that had some small hot tubs that Jim figured would fit on the balcony.

"Is this what you had in mind, Jim?" Kara asked never once being pushy or overbearing. Jim loved that about her.

"Yeah, I really like this one, the blue would go with my roommates eyes." Blushing furiously, Jim added, "I don't know why I said that."

Kara understood right away. The good ones are always gay, even if the roommate doesn't know it yet. "Jim, not to worry, I won't tell him you said it."

"How did you know it was a him?" Jim asked, honestly wondering how she knew. I mean, did he look overtly gay? Was it something he said or did? He needed to know. "Do I give that impression?"

"Calm down, Jim. I told you not to worry. First of all, I could tell by the way you said roommate. You would have said my girlfriend if it was a girl. So I knew it was a guy right off. And no you don't give off any gay vibes. Does it bother you that I knew it was a guy you were talking about?"

"No, I guess not. Just surprised, that's all." Jim said, eyes looking at the floor. He didn't know what to think about that. If someone that didn't know him figured this out about him, what chance did he have?

"Well, don't worry about it, Jim, he probably feels the same way about you or he wouldn't still be living with you. Now, let me show you all you need to know about this new tub." She went on to tell Jim about how it didn't use chlorine; instead it used ultrasonic waves and a special light that kept it clean and germ free. Jim was instantly impressed with the idea of no chlorine being in a hot tub. She handed Jim pamphlets and told him to read up on the system.

"Do you know anyone that has one?" Jim asked her.

"Yeah, I do." Kara replied.

"And you like it?"

"I love it. You know what? This isn't a come-on or anything; how about coming by tonight and you can sit in the hot tub and see if you can tell if it's clean or not?"

"All right, sounds good to me. Do you have a small one?" Jim asked, "That's what I'd really like to take a look at."

"Yes, it's a small one. You can sit in it and see what you think." Kara said as she wrote down her address and gave it to Jim.

"Kara, I want you to know that I'm a police officer, not that it makes me any less dangerous, but you can check me out if you'd like before I come by."

"No need. I'm a great judge of character. You'll be fine and so will I. I'll see you tonight."

Jim walked out of the Spa and Pool Center feeling like he was getting somewhere. He was on a mission now. By god, if it killed him, he was going to see some Blair skin. It had been too long. Unless the damn guy was hurt, Jim never saw his skin.

That night Jim was anxious to go over to Kara's house so he could check that hot tub out. When he got there, a nice looking woman answered the door and said, "You must be Jim."

Putting out his hand, he said, "Jim Ellison, and you are?"

Shaking Jim's hand, she smiled warmly and said, "I'm Denise, Kara's life partner. Don't look so surprised, Jim. It's not like we run screaming up and down the streets telling everyone."

"It's very nice to meet you. I can see what you see in Kara. She's a very nice, kind, warm and beautiful human being." Jim said quietly.

"Wait till you get to know her. She's even nicer. We'd like to go out with you and your beau one of these nights. That would be nice." Denise said.

"Well, it's not like he knows he's my beau." Jim said turning red and wondering why he was talking about this with a complete stranger. "He's my partner at work, that's all."

"Well, either way, we don't know anyone here in town, We're both new and as you can tell Kara is shy so it would be nice to make some friends. I like the way you treated her, she told me about it tonight."

"Denise, I didn't treat her any differently than I would anyone else." Jim said.

Kara walked into the living room and said, "Hi, Jim. Bring your suit?"

Jim held his bag out and said, "Yes, I remembered my suit, Mom."

All laughing, Kara directed Jim to the bathroom to change so he could check out this infamous hot tub. Once he changed, he walked out the doors and both women stopped talking to each other and stared.

"Oh, Jim, be sure and wear those trunks when you ask Blair to join you in the pool. They're to die for." Kara said laughing.

"Why is it you're so much happier here than at the store?" Jim asked, truly interested in the answer.

"Because that man, John, is a jerk and makes me feel like less of a person all the time. I know I'm not but at any rate, it doesn't matter. Let's go and check this tub out."

Jim stepped into the tub, seeing it had enough room for he and Blair, but barely. That might be a good thing. Sitting down, he took in a deep breath and then started opening himself up for smelling things and seeing things in the hot tub. He was pleasantly surprised. There was no bacteria at all. Well, at least that he could see. This was a good thing. There was no smell of chlorine, so it's not like Kara came home and doused it with liquid chlorine when she got off. After about ten minutes he stood up and said, "I'll come by tomorrow and I'll take that first one I liked."

Kara handed him a towel and said, "Well, are you sure you don't want to check it out with another person in it?"

"No need. I know how big Blair is and he'll fit." Jim said smiling as he headed into the bathroom to change back into his clothes.

From inside the bathroom, he heard Denise say, "It couldn't be the same Blair, right? I mean, there must be more than one Blair in Cascade."

"Of course, what are the chances of meeting up with a man who wants Blair, when we know Blair is in love with someone else?"

Jim was devastated. Who was Blair in love with? And for how long? Wait a minute, they might be right. How could it possibly be the same Blair?

Kara added, "Blair said the man he's in love with is his partner at work. So it can't be Jim. I know he's a cop and I'm sure Blair would have told us if he was a cop, right?"

"Well, I think so. We were too busy trying to find him a date with someone; he's so cute with that curly hair and those blue eyes. Wait a minute, Jim said Blair was his partner at work."

"What do you mean? When did he say that?" Kara asked incredulously.

"While you were in the bedroom; he was telling me about Blair being his partner at work. Do you suppose it's the same Blair? We could just ask him if his Blair's last name is Sandburg and we'd know." Denise said laughing quietly.

In the bathroom was a very happy and hard Sentinel. Jim was going to make Blair so happy he'd never be afraid to talk to him about these things again. When Jim walked out of the bathroom, he smiled at the girls and said, "Well, I have to get home and clean that balcony off for our new toy. See you tomorrow, Kara. It was great meeting you, Denise. I'll tell Sandburg you both said hello." Jim was out of the door before the girls could catch their breath.

"Holy shit, do you believe it? They're one and the same. Thank god. They're meant for each other." Kara said.

"Oh, this is going to be good, I wish we could film it." Denise said as she pulled her love into her arms.

All the way home Jim smiled. He was so damned happy and he didn't know what to do with his hard on. Well, okay, he did know what to do with himself but he'd rather wait for Sandburg to do it to him instead.

The next day, as soon as Jim got off work, he went to the Spa and Pool Center and waited for Kara to finish waiting on a customer. The manager came up and said, "Is there a problem? We have a number of salespeople that would help you right now."

"No problem, Kara helped me decide yesterday and last night and I want to give her the business." Jim said looking over at Kara and smiling happily.

Kara walked over and said, "Mr. Daniels, this is the Jim Ellison that I was telling you about. He wants the blue one delivered tonight or tomorrow."

"Oh, that'll be just fine. Could we deliver it tomorrow morning?" Daniels asked Jim.

"Sure, that'll be fine. I'll go in late. Can you come early?" Jim asked getting excited just thinking about the surprise for Blair.

"That'll be fine, Mr. Ellison. I'm glad that Kara treated you so well and I'll see that she gets a good commission from this," Daniels said and walked towards the other sales people.

Kara had the paperwork and said, "Please tell me you're paying cash so that I can rub their noses in it."

"I'm paying cash. Start rubbing." Jim said as they both laughed.

As Kara was filling out the paperwork, Jim said, "As I was walking home last night, I realized that I didn't get cold once. I was so happy that I forgot about the weather. For some reason, it didn't seem as cold or damp. Isn't that odd?"

"No, Jim, it's called love." Kara said handing the paperwork to Jim to sign and then handed him the pen.

"Well, I'm glad that I'm in it then. It'll save on the heat bill." Jim said signing the paperwork.

Once he was done, he said goodbye to Kara and walked to his truck. He was the happiest he'd been in ages. He couldn't wait to tell Blair about this.

When he got home, he called Simon to tell him he'd be in late because something was being delivered. Simon didn't ask and Jim didn't tell. This is how they were most of the time. Jim figured that Simon was afraid to hear what he'd bought and why. Maybe he knew how he felt about Blair already.

The next day when the men came to deliver the hot tub, Jim quickly showed them where to put it and began the preparations to get it ready for that weekend. After everyone had left, Jim filled the tub up as instructed on the sheet and turned on all of the digital buttons that were supposed to be on. Putting the cover on top, he then got ready for work, knowing full well that when he got home, the tub would be ready for hot tubbing.

The day took forever to end, he was biting everyone's head off. Something about a hot tub calling out to him, made him on edge, not to mention horny as hell thinking about Blair being in there with him. Simon walked up to his desk and said, "Jim, why don't you take the rest of the evening off. It's quiet and we're sick of you being a grouch without Sandburg."

"Sir, I don't need Sandburg to be here to be happy." Jim said, knowing it was a damn lie.

"Of course not, but you do need Sandburg here to make you easier to live with. Now go home and just relax and think about how nice it would be to have two days off." Simon said as he began to walk away.

"Simon, You're giving me two days off?"

"Jim, is something wrong with your hearing? Yes, you've got two days off. Now go and relax and don't come back unless you can be in a happier mood." Everyone in the bullpen laughed at Simon's remark and Jim just huffed as he got into the elevator.

Well, they have no idea that I'm going home to soak in a hot tub; if they knew, they'd be jealous and wouldn't be laughing so hard. Speaking of hard, Jesus, Ellison do you suppose you could keep your mind off of Blair for a few moments? At least until you get to the truck.

The drive home was unbearable. All he could think of was how great it was going to be seeing a naked Blair in the hot tub but his cock was revolting against the zipper. When he parked and got out of the truck, he almost ran up the stairs, not waiting for the damn elevator. Too slow.

Once there, he took a shower to take the edge off his poor ignored cock. Well, Ellison Jr., do you feel better now?

He walked around the loft naked because, after all, he was alone and he wanted to check the tub out. At about seven that night, he pulled the cover off and felt the water. It was warm and wonderful. Jim slipped into the tub and lay on his stomach as he looked over the edge thinking. His thoughts were on Blair. What was Blair doing right now? Did he want him as much as Jim wanted Blair? We'll find out this weekend.

Jim glanced around the little deck they had put around the tub and found that he was glad he'd spent the extra money getting that put on. It looks great, Ellison, and Blair is going to love the idea of getting warm with you in here every night.

Jim was just about to zone when Blair walked into the doorway of the balcony. Jim knew he couldn't jump up because he was naked and hard again. So he continued to lie there acting as calm as he could. "Chief, why are you home already?"

"Because Simon called and told me you were having trouble with your senses. He said you were being a bear to everyone and obnoxious. So I cut short the convention, that I loved by the way, to help you out and find you lying in a hot tub that wasn't here before I left. You want to fill me in, here?"

"Yeah, get your clothes off and join me." Jim said hoping it would be that easy.

Blair glanced over at him and he said, "Are you naked under that water, Jim?"

"Yeah, I'm naked. Does that bother you?"

"No, I'm just tying to picture why you'd be lying naked in a hot tub all by yourself." Blair said smiling.

"All right, smart ass. Get your clothes off and get your butt in here. I've missed you. I was in here thinking about you. How much I'd love to get wet and wild with you."

"Well, fuck, why didn't you say so?" Blair said, tossing his clothes off as quickly as he could. Jim watched his guide, who didn't seem to be embarrassed at all about his cock filling up as he stood there. Blair finally climbed into the tub.

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and said, "You like?"

"The tub, or you?" Blair asked, laughing.

Jim smacked his ass and said, "Me, the tub, us, whatever you want."

"Okay, I love the tub, it goes with your eyes. I love the idea of being warm during these cold days and nights. It was freezing in Canada. This feels great, Jim. And by the way, you feel great." Blair said moving his hand down over Jim's cock and whispered, "Now, could we get wet and wild?"

"Yes, we can, and later, I'll tell you about our new friends." Jim said, pulling Blair beneath his body and rubbing his cock against the younger man's. Both men were moaning and moving in time with each other.

Jim was so glad he bought this tub and now they could be wet and wild whenever they felt like it. God, life is good. Wet and wild is better.

The end.

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Acknowledgments: Thank you, Mary, for the quick beta. You're a doll baby. I was inspired by Sentinelgrl, who did the art for this story. I was in heaven seeing Jim in a hot tub. Thank you, Audrey. Thanks, Lisa, for putting up with me.