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Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair

WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships) abound.

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Story Title Author
What Flavor am I? Aleeta Smith
    Blair takes Jim to a specialty ice cream parlor/restaurant to see what flavor Jim is. Whether itís the ice cream, a mysterious pouch, or just their unresolved sexual tensionÖsomething draws the two together. 49K 
Of Sentinels, Guides, and Doppelgangers Tinnean
    An experience in sheer silliness. 9K 
Power Play LilyK
    A strange and powerful force is loose in Cascade, negatively affecting the Guides. While the Sentinels sense the power, they are helpless to stop whatever is threatening their partners. 293K 
Lofty Conversations Mererid
    Jim walks in on a private conversation that changes his life, and Blair's life too. 9K 
Mistaken Identity Patt
    Things are not always as they seem. (Not a death story.) 31K 
The Virginity Negotiation Caro Dee
    Blair wants to cross Jim's final frontier. 15K 
While Waiting... Banbury McBurg
    Jim and Blair are waiting to board a plane and someone is watching them. 6K 
Turnabout... Laurie
    Blair gets bossy. 9K 
Follow-Through akablonded
    What a virgin guide means to his sentinel. 18K 
Consent Arrow
    Blair gets dosed, and then gets wise. Not a non-con, in spite of the title. 13K 
All Surface, No Feeling Annie
    All Jim wants is for Blair to love him. 31K 
Prostate 101 Patt
    Someone has been doing his homework online. 13K 
Out of the Blue Mererid
    The guys talk a little bit, Blair gets hurt, Jim gets protective. WIP 5K 
Blind Justice Ankaree
    In spite of being badly damaged by a previous forced bonding, Blair finds himself drawn to another Sentinel. But how can Jim want or need a Guide who is blind? 151K 
Beginnings and Endings: A Romance in Three Parts cbtreks
    Beginnings and endings. 3K 
Wow! Banbury McBurg
    Blair has a present for Jim. 3K 
The Beginning CaliaDragon
    A new beginning for Jim and Blair. WIP 13K 
The GiftArrow
    Blair gives Jim a gift. 19K 
Is Fair Play Laurie
    It's Jimís turn. 14K 
Answers Patt
    Blair has questions that need to be answered. Does Jim have the right answers? 10K 
Chicken Soup for the Guide's Soul cbtreks
    Jim tries to take care of his Guide. 2K 
Don't Mererid
    Jim helps the Girl Scouts create a new badge. 10K 
Dream a Little Dream of Me Banbury McBurg
    Stuck in a traffic jam Blair found himself a mystery, mystery became obsession, obsession grew into love and life. 21K 
Three Things My Mother Told Me Patt
    Three things that Naomi told Blair. Did he listen? 13K 
Sentinel-mental Song lyrics akablonded