The Wet Guppy by Debbie Stone

The Wet Guppy - Debbie Stone

Once again, Blair found himself pushing his green Volvo to the side of the road after it had stalled and refused to cough back to life. He had worked late at the police station trying to get caught up on some of Jim's neglected paperwork, and as he always does, lost track of time. Thankfully, his 2:00 am watch alarm alerted him to the fact that it was indeed time to call it quits. Blair had a unique way of being able to get lost in whatever task he had before him. Time had no meaning when he was in that part of "The Sandburg Zone" as Jim called it. However, he now regretted ever leaving the warmth and comfort of the Cascade Police station as he stood in the cold dampness of the night next to his dead car. When he had headed out from the station there was only a fine mist and heavy thick fog was just starting to roll in. Streetlights had that eerie glow of a Sherlock Holmes mystery as he drove down the deserted streets of Cascade toward the comfort of the loft and his partner in everything in his life, Jim.

Jim was probably fast asleep at this time in the morning in the luscious warm comfort of their bed and probably hadn't even noticed that Blair wasn't home yet. Previous late night rescues left Blair certain that he did not want to wake up what would most likely be a grumpy, sleepy, pissed off sentinel. Jim had told him time and time again to dump his classic car for something more reliable but Blair just couldn't bring himself to part with his precious mode of transportation. His stubbornness in regard to his vehicle had left him sitting on the side of the road again. What had been a fine mist when he left the police station was now a torrential downpour and the temperature was dropping quickly.

Mumbling sarcastically to himself about the lovely weather in the northwest, Blair reached into the Volvo and grabbed his beaten backpack and decided that he would just walk the few blocks to the loft and have the car towed to his mechanic in the morning. Once he locked the doors he headed out on his journey home. He had just planned to stay at the station for a couple of hours and hadn't taken his warm flannel coat and had opted for his lightweight beige jacket, bad idea.

I can just hear Jim now, ‘Sandburg, when the hell are you going to learn that you need a better car?’

As he walked down the dark streets toward home he didn't think it could actually rain any harder than it had been but for some glorious reason it had actually begun to pour harder. Step by step Blair was getting wetter and wetter to the point that he could actually feel the cold water penetrating his clothing right down to his goose bumped skin. Torrents of water flowed down the soft curls of chest hair turning them into straight streams as it traveled down his tanned athletic body. He was now shivering to the bone in his nice new sneakers that were saturated and sloshing under each step he took.

He let his mind wander to think of how nice it would feel to be home in a soothing hot shower and let the water run down his aching and tired muscles. Then when his shower was done he could climb the stairs up to Jim and their king-sized warm bed. He'd then tuck under Jim's muscular arms and wait for the loving embrace that he hoped would await him. This wonderful thought kept Blair trudging through the wall of water now beating at him like a fire hose.

"Jim, warm, bed, hug, and dry. Yes!" Blair said with as much enthusiasm as he could muster while dripping wet from head to toe.

Blair stopped as he approached what looked like a puddle about six inches deep around a clogged storm drain.

"Great, just what I need," he said out loud.

Then a mischievous thought popped into his head.

"Hey, what the heck, I might as well have some fun."

With that Blair leapt into the puddle and made the biggest splash his 150 pounds could possibly make. When his new soggy sneakers hit the bottom of the puddle water erupted all around him and engulfed every square inch of his 5' 7" frame. Suddenly, he found himself laughing like a five year old while he bounced over and over in the puddle of his new playground.

Blair was totally unaware of the vehicle approaching from behind him. The face of the driver glared at his prey as he watched him splash in the water of the puddle. Thoughts of dishonorable intentions were in his mind as he loomed slowly in Blair's direction. Headlights of the vehicle were switched off and the speed slowed as it began its approach toward the young man with long wet locks of hair carelessly playing in the puddle. Suddenly, the headlights flashed back to full brightness as the vehicle increased its speed and headed towards Blair. Blair spun his head around to take the full brightness of those lights in his terrified cobalt blue eyes. The shock of the sound of the oncoming roar had him leaping backwards in an attempt to avoid a collision with the vehicle hurtling towards him. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell on his backside into the puddle with the front tire skirting within mere inches from his left thigh as it came to a halt. Blair tried to scramble away but the passenger door swung open and the driver’s hand attempted to reach for him. With desperation he pulled away while trying to look up into the face of his would-be abductor. However, the driving rain made his attempts to focus on the driver futile. Dread overcame him as he instinctively tried to break free until the man in the vehicle spoke.

"Hey, Chief, you need a lift? You're looking a little bit on the wet side."

Blair gasped as he continued to try and focus on the man.

"What the.... Jim, you scared the crap out of me man."

With a big smile of relief on Jim's face he said, "Hey buddy, how does it feel? I've been looking for you for hours. You were supposed to be home a long time ago." Jim's smile faded a bit as he noticed that Blair was shivering so he extended his hand once again to help Blair up out of the puddle he was sitting almost waist deep in.

"I went to the university and they said you left around 4:00 pm and Joel said you were still at the station when he left at 11:00 pm. I tried calling your cell phone but I got your voice mail every time. Needless to say I was getting a little worried. Why didn't you call me?"

Blair clasped onto Jim's hand and pulled himself into a standing albeit dripping wet position and attempted to shake off some of the water draining from him. In a shaky voice Blair went into a long-winded tirade of his night.

"Well ya s s seee Jim, I got lost in that pile of reports on your desk, you know how I get, and then my alarm went off at 2 am and then I realized it was time to head home, then my car broke down about a mile back, I know, just don't say it right now, I didn't want to call you because I thought you'd be asleep and you know how mad you were the last time you had to come out in the middle of the night to get me when my car broke down, and then it started pouring buckets as I started walking and then I saw this huge puddle and figured what the heck I'm already soaking wet so I started jumping in it, you should try it Jim, it's fun and I guess I forgot to turn my cell phone back on when I left the university this afternoon and..."

"Sandburg, shut up." Jim said with a loving smile on his face as he looked at his soaking wet guppy.

"You need to get home and get dried off before you catch pneumonia."

Blair stood looking at Jim with his mouth half open and his head cocked to one side wondering what would be worse, pneumonia or Jim. Jim started shaking his head from side to side and began laughing at the sight of his lover, partner and best friend. That's when Blair realized that pneumonia would be worse and started laughing along with Jim as he began to climb into the truck for the ride back to the loft and warmth.

"Wow, Chief, you're not getting in here soaking wet like that. You'll soak the seats and it'll take days to dry it out."

Blair stopped and stepped down from the truck back into the water with a dumbfounded look on his face. “What, you find me and now you won't give me a ride home? Are you gonna make me walk home? Jim, man, I'm freezing out here." Blair’s hands were flying through the air to accentuate his statement. Just as he finished his sentence he was hit in the face with a towel.

"Take your pants off and wrap up in that towel then you can get in."

"What the heck, Jim, you want me to just strip in the middle of the street, no way!"

"Look my little guppy, if you want a ride home drop your pants."



"Fine, whatever," Blair said as he stripped himself of his jeans and wrapped the towel around his waist and began to climb into the truck again.

"Nope, Chief, no can do, boxers too."

"Jim, are you nuts? I’ll get arrested by the cops for indecent exposure. I am so not taking my boxers off."

"First of all Sandburg I am the cops and second of all I don't consider your sweet little ass indecent and third I don't want my seat wet. Drop ‘em." Jim had an evil smile spreading across his face as he finished his sentence.

"You know big guy, you can be such a jerk. Fine, enjoy the view."

Blair ripped the towel from his hips and dropped his boxers as instructed and tossed them into the back of the truck. He then shook his butt at Jim and once again wrapped the towel around his waist and climbed into the truck.

"There, you happy now?" he said to Jim as he bounced onto the bench seat.

"Not yet but I'm sure I will be very soon." There was that evil smile again.

"Home, James." Blair said as he and Jim began to laugh while looking out at the rainy weather as they headed toward home and the warmth of the loft and each other.

The End

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Acknowledgments: This is my very first story for fan fiction and I posted it with all my mistakes left for you to enjoy. Fortunately, April Valentine read it over and gave me some constructive advice on what to do to make it better. Thanks, April.