Oh, Hell by Sid

Oh, Hell - Sid

“Sheila Martin. From Records.” Jim stared across the room to where Blair was talking with Sheila.

“They had lunch together three times last week, while you were tied up on that court case. Sandy never mentioned it?”

“No.” Jim pursed his lips. “Guess it must’ve slipped his mind.”

Sheila laughed and put her hand on Blair’s chest. Jim scowled.

“I reckon the old saying is true, then.”

“Which saying would that be?”

“'The wife is always the last to know'.” Megan patted Jim’s shoulder.

“You’re hilarious. There’s another saying. Something about a woman scorned?”


Jim started across the room.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Jane Davitt talked me into doing this. It’s all her fault. Thank you to Amy for the cover art.