Relishing the Guide by Lisa, Duncan's Twin

"Okay, now just close your eyes and let the vision come to you," Blairkotay instructed.

"What am I supposed to see again?" Jim Paris asked.

"Your spirit guide."

Closing his eyes, Paris tried again. "Nothing." He sighed, opening his eyes again. "Hey, what's your spirit guide?"

"A wolf," Blairkotay answered patiently.

"How original," Paris mumbled under his breath.

Ignoring the comment, Blairkotay instructed again. "Close your eyes, Jim." He waited until he saw compliance. "Now, let the sounds of the forest wash over you."

"Now what?"

"Look around. The first thing that speaks to you is your spirit guide."

Paris smiled. "Okay, I think I found it."

"What do you see?"

Sneaking a peek at Blairkotay, Paris answered, "Mr. Tube Steak. My spirit guide is a weenie!"

"Takes one to know one, man!"

The end.

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