My Army Surgeon's Hands by Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Hawkeye Sandburg slowly slipped his dull green drab tee-shirt over his head. Too exhausted to pull it the rest of the way down, he considered leaving it as was, but when he felt the familiar hands caress his back, a certain part of his anatomy woke up and begged for the rest of his body to respond.

Hawkeye's best friend and fellow surgeon, Trapper Jim MacEllison pulled the tee-shirt the rest of the way down, covering Hawkeye's pale skin.

"I need a drink," Trapper Jim said, leading them out the door and back to the Swamp.

"I need a bed," Hawkeye said, lust making his voice thick.

Stepping into the tent, Trapper Jim poured them each a drink and then handed one to Hawkeye. The clinked glasses and downed the bitter fluid.

Stripping off his uniform, Hawkeye sat on the edge of his bunk, watching Trapper Jim undress down to his boxers and socks. They both knew that after their long shift in the ER, their tent mate, Rafe Burns would be spending the night with the head nurse, Megan 'Hot Lips' Houlihan. They had the whole night alone, but in a camp as small as the 4077th, they couldn't take any chances.

Shutting off the lights, Trapper Jim moved closer, standing with his crotch directly in Hawkeye's face. Hawkeye nuzzled the thin fabric, feeling Trapper Jim's erection spring to life.

Shifting his mouth away, Hawkeye moaned, "God, I can't stand it. Get in bed, now, man."

"Patience, patience," Trapper Jim said softly, slipping his boxers off.

They slipped under the covers and pulled each other close.

Their first time was always quick, because they could be together so rarely, so they usually just jerked each other off, and tonight was no exception.

As they neared completion, Trapper Jim checked to make sure no one was around, and reassured Hawkeye.

"Nobody's coming," Trapper Jim whispered.

"Oh yes, somebody is," Hawkeye moaned, "me."

The end.

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