Head Games By Patt

Jim Bakerson rode down the highway wondering where his partner was. He hadn't seen him this morning. Jim had finally broken down and told Blair Ponchburg how he felt about him last night. Blair was shocked and said he'd think about it. Now, Jim had to just wait it out and see what his partner thought.

He wasn't even paying attention as a little sports car pulled out in front of him and sped up. Jim turned his siren on and was in hot pursuit. The little car pulled off the highway and went into a quiet deserted area off the main drag. Jim wasn't going to go into this blind; he was ready in case trouble would follow.

Jim shut the engine off, and put the kickstand down as he got off the bike. He approached the car very carefully, not knowing what was in store for him. He rapped on the dark tinted window and said, "Want to show me that license that you don't seem to want to keep?"

The window came down and Jim stood with his mouth open. There before him was Blair Ponchburg. If Jim was correct in what he could see, Ponchburg had no clothes on. "What are you doing, Ponch?"

Blair opened up the car door and said, "I would think that would be pretty clear, even to a thick headed person like yourself."

"Hey, who're you calling thick?" Jim asked.

"Well, I'd like to see the merchandise before I actually say if you're thick or not," Blair said smiling and licking his lips.

"We can't do this here. I'm on duty, you know that," Jim almost whispered.

"Jim, you've got about two seconds to get those clothes off and fuck me or I'm leaving," Blair replied.

Jim just couldn't help himself. He grabbed Blair, pulled him into his arms and began kissing him. "I want to fuck you so badly but a car could come by," Jim said.

"I've been watching this road for some time and no one's going to come by, believe me," Blair said.

Jim pulled away and started taking his clothing off. God, what was he doing? He would never do this normally. Well, hell, that explains it Bakerson. You're not normal anymore!

Blair leaned into the small car and got out the lube and the condoms. As soon as he stood up, Jim was there and ready. "Have you ever done this, Jim?"

"No, you going to tell me what to do?" Jim asked nervously.

"Better! I'll show you," Blair said and pushed Jim up against the car. He started finger fucking him until Jim was asking him to fuck him. When he'd finally gotten him loosened up, he put a condom, slicked it up with more lube and started pushing his way in. Blair had bent Jim into the car so he could get a better angle. This was working like a charm.

"Everything, okay, Jim?'

"Everything's fine, Ponch," Jim said panting.

Every time Ponch hit Jim's prostate, Jim howled and got closer and closer to completion. Finally, he came with a scream and Ponchburg followed not far behind.

Getting their breathing back under control Jim said, "I have to get back to work, Ponch, I'll see you later." Kissing him, he started cleaning up and getting dressed.

"Thanks, big man and by the way, you are really thick headed," Ponchburg said smiling.

"See ya tonight?" Jim asked.

"You betcha," Ponch said as he got dressed and got into his car. As he drove off, Jim wondered how he had gotten so fucking lucky.

Jim walked back to his bike and saw something that made his blood turn to ice. Oh shit, I had the camera on. Holy fucking shit... Fuck...

At headquarters, their boss was watching the tape and thinking, wonder what they think of threesomes?

The end.

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