Come Ride With Me By Patt

Judge Jim Hardellison sat at his bench in the courtroom wondering if the lawyer for Blair-Skid-McSandburg was ever going to shut up. Judge Hardellison saw something in the kid. He wasn't exactly a kid, but he was younger than the judge was.

Finally, calling both lawyers up to his bench, he said, "I don't think that Mr. McSandburg's a menace to society, but at the same time, I feel he needs to pay society back somehow. So what I suggest is you let Mr. McSandburg join forces with me, live on my property and we'll fight crime together."

McSandburg's lawyer grew livid and said, "You can't make my client live on your property, rent free, and force him to drive around and do things for you. That would be against his free will."

"Well, then he can go back to prison," Judge Hardellison said quietly as he started to shut Blair McSandburg's file.

"Just a moment, Judge," McSandburg's Lawyer said, "let me check and see what he wants to do. He turned and walked towards Blair McSandburg and said, "How do you feel about working with the judge, ridding the city of crime, and living rent free on his estate?"

"That would be like so totally cool," McSandburg said and then added, "what about a car? I want a good car."

"Judge, my client is willing to help you rid the city of crime and villains but he wants to know what kind of car he'll be driving," The Lawyer asked.

"McSandburg, you're lucky I'm giving you a chance here. Don't be so worried about what you'll drive. In fact, you can ride with me in my truck," Judge Hardellison said.

"Man, I like so don't want to be a ride along," McSandburg said.

"Well, you have your choice... prison or my estate," Hardellison said.

"Fine, I'll take the estate. Geeze, what a grump," McSandburg said smiling shyly at the Judge.

Judge Hardellison looked at McSandburg and knew he was in deep shit. Just from that one smile alone his cock had gotten hard. Instant attraction. Maybe he'd get him a Coyote to drive.

The end.

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