A Tale of Many Fandoms

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These are something I like to call 'Leaps of Character'. What we have done here is take our favorite guys and plop them down in other fandoms. Think Quantum Leap minus the 'quantum' part. Call me 'Al'. These are a collection of short stories, snippets actually, where we have suspended reality and invoked our senses of humor. These stories are AU meets Crossover. A 'what if' if you will. Many fandoms are represented here, so please sit back and kick up your feet and enjoy. Most of these snippets are SLASH but there are a few GEN thrown in. Proceed at your own risk, Ziggy.

  • Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel - Batman - Patt

  • When the Moon Hits Your Eye - Batman - Patt

  • Rules of the Road - Big Chill - Tinnean

  • Head Games - CHiPs - Patt

  • Deep Exploration 9 - Deep Space 9 - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • Cooking With Oil - Due South - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • It Ain't Called a 'Job' for Nothin' - Due South - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • Waiting For A Guy Like You - Gilligan's Island - Patt

  • Come Ride With Me - Hardcastle and McCormick - Patt

  • It's All Greek To Me - Hercules - Silk

  • Irresistible Force and Immortal Object - Highlander - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • Ripping Him a New One - Highlander - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • I Love a Sailor - JAG - Silk

  • Coffee Break - La Femme Nikita - Silk

  • Believe It Or Not! - Lethal Weapon - Patt

  • My Army Surgeon's Hands - M*A*S*H - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • To Hurt or Not To Hurt - OZ - Patt

  • Don't Dream It, Be It - Rocky Horror Picture Show - Silk

  • The Boys! - Seinfeld - Patt

  • Pushing Buttons - Star Trek - Patt

  • Together In Electric Dreams - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Patt

  • The Fandom Menace - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Jane Mailander

  • Maybe You're Meant to be Mine - To Have and Have Not - Tinnean

  • Relishing the Guide - Voyager - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

  • The 'R' Will Get You Every Time - X-Files - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

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